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    Cynthia,You are amazing and the piece in the KC Star this week speaks loudly for all the aspirations you are bringing to play in your schools and in the district as a whole. You will be in the top 10 school districts! Let us know if we can help. Sorry to hear you left Rotary but I fully understand when I read your blog. Gung Ho!

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    I have three little ones…and none go to sleep before 9:30! they sleep till 7 and no nap! If they do ever go to sleep earlier they get up earlier..shes on a great schedule. I love her anyway!

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    Couple of thoughts.From everything I’ve read – the shooter didn’t exchange fire with the police. And he was taken straight to jail (didn’t have to be hospitalized) – so we really have no idea how the shooter would have reacted if he was subject to return fire. But I believe that he probably would not have done well. Nothing we have learned about this guy so far has given any indication that he had any history or experience with firearms.

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    Olá Lilian,Não deixei, é loja online, só vende a peça, a manutenção é você quem faz ou leva para um técnico especializado!Eu já comprei e deu tudo certo pra mim! veio em um dia! muito rápido, a compra mais rápida que eu já fiz na internet!Valeu!


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